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Your phone deserves the best level of protection it could get, and that includes protecting the ports from dust, water, and debris. The Titan Dust Plug is the perfect accessory that serves as a barrier between your phone ports and any potentially damaging elements.

This dust plug is compatible with a heavy-duty protection armor case to guarantee 100%, all-around protection. This may seem small and understated, but does wonders in making your phone last for longer.

Durable and high-quality dust plug.
Screw-in mechanism for a snug fit.
Protects the charging port from dust, water, and debris.
Comes with a hex key screwdriver for precise installation.
Made of high-quality PVC material.
Molded to perfection for the precise fit.
Built to last.
Easy to install into your phone charging port.
Available in the colour black.
Charging Plug Includes Mute Rubber (Not shown in photo)
Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei models.


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